Courses Offered


    Elementary Chinese

    This course is an introductory course in Mandarin Chinese, open to students who have no prior knowledge of Chinese and covering both spoken and written aspects of the language. It is intended to familiarize students with Chinese characters, pronunciation, and grammatical structures.

    Intermediate Chinese

    This course is a continuing study of Mandarin Chinese at the intermediate level, with an additional emphasis on extended vocabulary through reading and writing, and on basic conversation for essential everyday situations.

    Advanced Chinese

    This course is intended to develop students' reading speed and comprehension of more advanced syntax and styles. More advanced training especially in reading and writing Mandarin Chinese is emphasized.

    Media Chinese

    This course is designed to help students produce grammatically accurate, coherent Chinese in the written form and in response to authentic reading. Texts are selected from magazine/newspaper articles, radio news, TV reportage, the Internet, etc. Emphasis is placed on vocabulary extension, idiom, and reading skills.

    Business Chinese

    This course is designed for non-native speakers of Chinese interested in international business or those who intend to work or travel for business in Chinese-speaking communities. Business correspondence and conversation are the main focus.

    Computing and Writing in Chinese

    This course focuses on how to compute with and use various Chinese word processing programs (Word, Excel, etc.).

    Readings in Taiwanese Culture

    This course is intended to help students enhance their Chinese proficiency through reading and discussion, with an additional emphasis on the development of cross-cultural awareness.
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