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National University of Kaohsiung is established in 2000 for balancing education of north and south. The University College of Law is the only of the Law School in Kaohsiung. It is in charge of improving the education of law and providing propagandas of law. In addition to general university courses and master, it also provides the master educations to the people who are in-service and college graduated. In addition, the college also offers the elective basic course to publics. The college became much better because the effort of ex-dean, stuffs and students. It includes three departments, two and six research center. It plays an important role in the training professionals who are good at both theory and practice.

Law is a subject of social science to resolve people’s disputes, build standards in life and create an orderly and mutual respect society. Law should improve with time. Facing opinions about renewed of law, College has new challenges. How to provide complete basic law educations is the most important mission. To reach this goal, we’ll do our best on the basic which built by ex-deans in the future. Hoping following opinions could be the goal and core values which we pursued.

1. Aggressively in seek of external and internal resources to provide the hard-wares to students and teachers in college to improve qualities of teaching and give a good researching environment for satisfying students and teachers needs in researching and teaching.

2. Encouraging our teacher to promote the qualities of their teaching and researching, boosting teachers do research aggressively, participating national and international seminar and article publish, so that their research result could be published in journals and up their competitiveness.

3. Helping hold series of lecture and seminar which hold by every department to interflow with national and international famous scholars and broad international perspective. At the part of international and bilateral academic, aggressively in seek chances of coordination.

4. Providing a good environment for life and learning to students. Giving a comfortable environment for teaching, researching and life to teachers. Advancing a harmony and unique college in a great environment.

5.In teaching, based on basic theory, supplemented by example exercises to train students’ logical thinking and structure analysis for mixing theory and practice. Another important part is ethical concern, to created lawyer who has professional and concerning about disadvantaged groups.

Inherit good traditional of college to facing trends of time and international and response evaluation. We’ll grow with college, overcome challenges and sharing the honor.



update 10 Nov. 2010