Circulation Division
  • loan, reservation, renewal, hold, overdue, and loss
  • shelf upkeep & binding and mending
  • on-shelf demonstration
Acquisition & Cataloguing Division
  • planning and implementation of library procurement
  • coordination and improvement of material-gathering/media
  • cataloguing of books and materials
Administration Division
  • general administrative affairs and information enquiry
  • making of institutions & editing of communications and prospectuses
  •  holding of trainings and seminars & cooperation with other institutions
  •  receiving, pressing for unreceived/lost issues, binding and maintainance of periodicials
Internet & Communication Division
  • planning and maintanance of campus network
  • management of computer service rooms, computer classrooms and user accounts.
  • management, operation and maintanance of computers, web equipment and system software.
Applied System Division
  • operation of school administrative information system
  • management and maintanance of applied package software
  • application and promotion of office automation

Multi-Media Production & Audio-Visual Collections Division
(temporarily administered by Circulation Division)

  • purchase and maintanance of collections and equipment
  • cataloguing
  • storage and circulation
  • teaching supplement and promotion
  • patron service
  • editing and production of use instruction for discs, on-line databases and computer public directories

Information Processing Division
(temporarily administered by Internet & Communication Division)

  • filing, input and correction of data
  • storage and security control of data
  • developemnt and maintanance of webpages
  • spare data
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